Strategically Planted

The Pathway to Spiritual Maturity

Every pastor and church leader is praying that their people will grow to maturity… into the image of Christ. You know how to do the work of ministry. The bigger question is, how do you lead your fellowship to move forward to the next level? How do you take them from spiritual babies to become mature, fruit-bearing adults? Strategically Planted is the journey of one pastor to lead God's people and the Biblical principles he discovered along the way.

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Who is this book for?


If you have the heart of a shepherd, then you understand the critical need for spiritual maturity in the flock. This is not a program. This is a set of simple principles that guide the process of spiritual maturity. They are not new, but understanding their relationship just may serve to direct your strategy to lead the flock to the fullness of the image of Christ.

Church Leaders

If your desire is to be the leader God has called you to be, and to engage the work God has called you to do, then these principles will provide great clarity and insight into your future progress. Even more so, they will help you to lead your church family to another level of spiritual maturity.


If your goal is to bear the fruit of Christian maturity, this book will clearly set the path before you. In these pages you will see where you stand today, and begin to understand the steps necessary to become equipped for every good work.


If you have been searching for a way to train churches to develop the foundations necessary for evangelism and church planting, then this book offers a clear pathway to that end. There is nothing “rapid” in these pages, but there is much to offer those preparing to carry the gospel to the ends of the earth.

"Almost four decades ago, I was introduced to Mitch Hamilton. Strategically Planted: The Pathway to Spiritual Maturity represents the convictions of his life and ministry. It is written from the heart of a pastor to other pastors, missionaries, church leaders, and faithful followers of Christ, and I am delighted to commend it to you.

While applicable to Christ followers at various stages of their walk with God, the book has particular application for pastors who shepherd and care for God’s people. Mitch is aware of the genuine struggles and challenges in both the Christian life and in ministry. Leary of quick-fix solutions and programs that promise more than they can deliver, he encourages readers to focus on Scripture and its guidance for Christian living and Christian service."

David S. Dockery
David S. Dockery President
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Mitch Hamilton’s decades of local pastoral and global mission experience are beautifully synthesized in this must-read resource for all seminary students, pastors, evangelists, and missionaries.”

Sam George, PhD
Sam George, PhD Director, Wheaton College Billy Graham Center Global Diaspora Institute

“Pastors, professors, and students will all glean keen insights into their own learning and the development of their applied experience.“

Dr. Keith E. Eitel
Dr. Keith E. Eitel Retired Professor of Missions and World Christianity

“The design is Biblical, viable, and tested; this will work. This book describes the "growth track" I've been looking for.”

Tim Ligon, Pastor
Tim Ligon Pastor
Marrakech International Protestant Church, Morocco

“I am convinced EVERY believer, EVERY church leader, and EVERY missional leader will greatly reap much to catalyze spiritual transformation from this volume.”

TV Thomas
TV Thomas Chairman, Lausanne Global Diaspora Network
Chairman, FullSpectrum Network, Canada

Strategically Planted is described perfectly in its title. It is a thoroughly Biblical look at how to aid the spiritual maturity of the follower of Jesus strategically.”

Tim Ligon, Pastor
Robby Robberson Senior Pastor
Grace Place Baptist Church, Oklahoma

Strategically Planted is an excellent resource and guide from a seasoned pastor, missionary, and one who has consistently trodden the path of spiritual maturity.”

David Allen
David Allen Dean, Adrian Rogers Center for Preaching
Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary

"Strategically Planted is the result that, from my own experience on the journey, I find to be clear, biblical, accurate, and incredibly helpful to guide those who long to help others become mature as followers of Jesus and as laborers in His harvest.”

Paul Chitwood
Paul Chitwood President, International Mission Board, SBC

“Brother Mitch knows where we stand as pastors on this side of the world. He has managed to revisit overused terms and reintroduce them simply and practically.”

Mounir Malaty
Mounir Malaty Pastor
First Baptist Church of Cairo

“Dr. Hamilton’s wealth of experience as a pastor combined with his years of missionary work has produced what I consider to be the most modern understanding of how evangelism and mission work should be done in such a hasty and broken generation.”

George Chigozie
George Chigozie Lead Pastor
The ABL Church, Turkiye

“Dr. Hamilton has struck a chord most writers on spiritual maturity leave out: that spiritual maturity is a conscious process and the spiritual leader needs to take his own spiritual growth seriously.”

Moses Audi
Moses Audi President
Baptist Theological Seminary of Kaduna, Nigeria

“This transformative read is a beacon for shepherds seeking to thrive in their divine calling, be rooted in faith, and fruitful in the Great Commission. Highly recommended to all Christians!”

Olayemi Fatusi
Olayemi Fatusi Pastor
Anglican Communion of Nigeria

"Strategically Planted allows anyone who picks up the book to bridge the gap between faith and the missional work.”

Dr. Ryan Lee
Dr. Ryan Lee Senior Pastor, Semihan Church, Dallas, Texas

About the Author

Mitch Hamilton, D.Min, PhD, has a passion for the local church and has served as a senior pastor for nearly thirty years. He began that journey in a small country church in Southeastern Oklahoma, then ministering in Texas, Louisiana, and Alabama before settling in Colorado. Mitch and his wife, Teresa, have been married for over forty years and are the parents of two grown sons. They transitioned from the pastorate to the mission field in 2015 and currently make their home in North Africa.

Over the past four decades, Dr. Hamilton has served in leadership positions across his denomination while continuing to write, lead conferences, and teach in globally diverse academic settings. He has engaged hundreds of pastors of various faith traditions on five continents and over thirty countries. His goal is to see the local church equipped and empowered to lead her congregation to maturity and engage her community with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Mitch Hamilton

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Whether print or e-book, equip your pastor, your church leadership, or yourself with a pathway for training up mature believers to reach the world for Jesus.

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